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We got interested in paintball a long time ago. David back in 1991 when it became popular over here, some friends and himself set up a team called the Pagans playing originally with pumps, some or you may remember these and there are still a few around.


David then played for a few other teams including Mad Dog’s, Outrage and then went on to play for Nitro, gaining some notability in division 1 & 2. I got interested a few years later after sitting in the safe area potting paint for them.


David & I also worked as marshals for the previous owners of OTE, and eventually a few years ago we both played for Durham City Dragons.


We are both passionate about the game and like to play on site when ever we can. David is any excuse to try out new paint or play zones and field testing.


We enjoyed paintball so much we bought the company. That was 4 years ago now and the time has flown.


We have developed the paintball site by adding 3 more fields, so we now have 9 different game zones with several different scenarios per zone.


This includes a Maze, Village, Fort, Pyramid, Bridge field, Spaceship, speedball, Jungle and Nest. We have rebuilt most of the safe area and have covered seating for over 100 people.


We can now offer hot food at a small cost as well as tea, coffee and soft drinks.


Earlier this year we got very excited, when we bought a new air system and are slowly converting all our markers over to air.


This will help through the winter as it runs better at lower temperatures than Co2. Both are available on site for players with there own equipment.


Next years plans are as well as maintaining the current field, are to develop the far side and add a couple more fields, for more challenges and more fun for players. No 2 days are the same and if you have played before and like a particular game let us know.


Well Christmas will be upon us soon and we have a special game planned “Jingle Balls” for Saturday the 12th December.


We are still working out the details but I will be posting the objectives up as soon as I have them, Fancy dress, 3 teams, Santa’s, Elves, & Ball humbug & his Minions. Which team will you play for?


David has bagged Ball Humbug and wants to cancel Christmas, Spider is Father Christmas trying

to get all the presents delivered.


Hope to see you down on the site soon, Take care